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Monday, June 7, 2010

New Blog

Howdy, well I started a new blog today because the other one was listed under my business email and it was too hard to keep up with non business things on that email so I switched to my personal. So I have to start all over!

I've never been a blogger before so I'm not sure what to say/do here so I'm probably the most boring blogger you'll come by. So I apologize! I don't really think anyone's going to read this anyway. So I'm basically just talking to myself like an online diary lol.My day consisted of work as usual, BLAH .... then got home worked a little bit on a layout and then went to a jewelry party at a local costume jewelry store. Got a new purse and a new necklace that I'm just in LOVE with! Now here I am bloggin' and scrappin' and surfin' the ScrapFreak forum.

How was everyone else's day and how did you spend it? Well that's it for now. Happy Scrappin'


  1. You've got a cute blog layout.

  2. THANKS! and thank you for following me. I'm boring, sorry! lol


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