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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 on 12: March Edition

It's that time again!! I just love doing 12 on 12, the only ones that arn't as fun are the ones that fall on a weekday like today's, but that's ok I still love doing them!!

For those of you who are in the dark as to what 12 on 12 is, it is the same thing as 10 on 10 but everyone decided to do 12 on 12 this year since it's 2012! :) If you want to learn more about 12 on 12 aka 10 on 10, you can read all about it here ... http://rebekahgough.blogspot.com/p/ten-on-ten-photo-project.html

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Well without further ado, here is this months 12 on 12 aka 10 on 10! :)


11am: Closing out an order for work. See, boring ol' work days are not that much fun to look at!

12pm: Checking my shop to see if I have any new orders. None :(

1pm: Having lunch at my desk. Leftover king ranch casserole and a DP! :)

2pm: Making a grocery list so I can stop and pick up a few items on my way home from work

3pm: Checking some work emails. Boring!

4pm: Taking a few seconds for a snack. YUM!!

5pm: Having my one piece of my favorite candy for the day. DELISH! Yeah yeah I know an hour ago I just had chocolate covered pretzels but this piece is a slice of heaven. Don't judge I have a bad sweet tooth lol
6pm: Grabbing some fast food for dinner. We had to grocery shop tonight so I didn't feel like cooking when we got home from the store.

7pm: Checking my photographers website for new pictures of one of my new items for my shop. PURE greatness she did. It blew me away. Just love her!

8pm: Cooking me and Aaron's lunch for tomorrow. Beef stir fry. YUM! Yes Yes I know earlier I said we stopped for fast food for dinner b/c I didn't want to cook after the store. But this isn't cooking, it's sitting it in a pan and walking away for 10 min. while it cooks and then putting it in tupperware lol.

9pm: Watching Aaron play MLB online with Josh

10pm: Bedtime. Well it's reading time for me. Getting lost in another Stephanie Plum story.

Thank you SO SO much for stopping by and checking out my 12 on 12! See you next month!