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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10: January 2012 Edition

Yay, I am so excited, it's the first 10 on 10 for 2012! This has become such a big part of my life and something that I look forward to EVERY month so a big Thank You to Mrs. Monica "Mon" for getting me into this.

Since it's a new year, for those of you who haven't ever heard of 10 on 10 you can go to THIS website and read all about it

Alot of my friends are going to be doing 12 on 12 this year since it's 2012 and I think I'll be jumping on that bandwagon, so this month you're going to see 2 posts a 10 on 10 and a 12 on 12. Then for the rest of the year I'll stick to the 12 on 12 :)

Here is my 10 on 10 for January

9am: Having a cup of coffee and a bagelful for breakfast, checking on some work e-mails and visiting ScrapFreak to check-in since I haven't been there in a while.

10am: Checking up on some bids (work), having my 1st cup of ice water for the day (trying to cut out Dr Peppers) and working on starting my 10 on 10 post

 11am: I finally took the plunge and got the Becky Higgins Project Life Kit. I decided to do it digi this year and if I stick with it I will order the paper kit next year.

 12pm: A rep came from work to take us to lunch. Cheese dip ... mmmm

1pm: I had to leave work early to take one of my boss' home. Since he lives in Duncanville. His car was in the shop getting worked on so he had no ride. Kind of awkward but at least I got to leave work early!

3pm: Home sweet home, watching some girlie shows from the DVR before Aaron get's home

 4pm: Starting my Project Life (digi), still watchin' some girlie TV from the DVR and watching my cute furbaby sleep on the couch next to me

 5pm: Still working on Project Life Title Page and watching General Hospital. Waiting on Aaron to get home from trying on Tux's for Craig & Morgan's Wedding

6pm: Almost done with the title page for project life!

 8pm: Listening to some music on the way home from meeting a friend for dinner
Thank You for taking the time to stop by and see my 10 on 10, don't forget I'll be back in 2 days to do the 12 on 12!!

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