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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Newly Organized ScrapSpace

Ok so I am one of the most organized OCD freaks when it comes to work spaces. At work my desk is rarely messy and when it is it's not for long, I never leave a thing out of place on my desk when I go home at the end of the day. My scrap space is no different. I won't sit down to start a project or LO if I know I won't be able to finish and clean up before I step away from my desk. I haven't been back into scrapping for very long, and just recently acquired an actual space to scrap in, so the progress is coming along alot slower than I'd like it to, but it's getting there! This is my space so far ...

 Here is a shot of my whole space, I have a "rope" type system where I hang my recent LO's for inspriation, this was also a recent purchase that I'm just absolutely in love with.

This is where I store my paper, embellies, stencils, Cuttlebug & embossing folders, printer, envelopes, etc. This is the part that needs more organization. The 2 pink bins are for paper scraps, the top drawer is for patterned paper scraps and the bottom drawer is for plain cardstock scraps. The stack on top of the pink bins is all my paper mixed together. I need better paper organization. And my embellies are just all tossed in one of those khaki bins (the middle one to be exact).
The white 3 drawer storage bin is where I store my stamps, ribbon, flowers and alphas. The big bottom draw is where my alpha's hang out and I'm ok with that. The middle drawer is where my ribbon, flowers, decorative tape are stored. The top drawer is where all my stamps and stamp pads are stored. Sitting on top is where all my punches and paper cutters are stored.

This is my new button/brad storage and I'm in LOVE! I went to ikea and purchased 2 shelves, and some storage jars. I seperated the buttons (my favorite embellie) out by color on the brown shelf, also my 7gypsies stamps and glitter are stored here as well. The top bar shelf is where my brads are stored by color as well. This spot of my space makes me so happy!

Here are some upclose pictures of the buttons/brad storage! :)

Now to get the rest of my office organized!! Who wants to help!?!


  1. Great scraproom you have and awesome ideas Jamie!!!

  2. This is a great,love your ideas.

  3. Um, can I have all your pretty glass containers that have the buttons in??? They just look so nice, and organized, and pretty!! I love them!


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